Vaccines concert Exeter Great Hall

Posted by steve fearn on 2 February 2019 | Comments

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Just got back from a concert by The Vaccines at the Great Hall Exeter University and felt compelled to report as an old geezer straight away what I thought was the one of the best gigs I have been to.

Having queued nicely for a cider, I settled down to see the support bands whom bizarrely enough were from the US, anyway the first band came on and to be honest I didn't need to know there name they were not good. The leading lady looked extensively like somebody who should be pole dancing not fronting a band. At one point she said "this is the time I should be saying something but I don't know what to say" honest but stupid.

The second support were really good and sounded remarkably like the "Cocteau twins" which was refreshing in itself, they were what you call a proper support act, professional and different I liked them a-lot but don't know who they are or what they are called, fill me in anyone.

To the main act The Vaccines from the word "go" they were amazing, the energy they emitted was that of a fully functioning nuclear power station. This sound was sophisticated punk created in a world of professional greatness. The (happy if poss) Ian Curtis type like lead singer, Justin Kay, has brilliant stage presence but not arrogant or Liam Gallagher tosh, he was just superb and fun. These guys know how to entertain, they had me enthralled from the word go with a quiver of top hits to sing along with. The lighting and stage set was mesmerising so belting out the chorus on "All my friends are falling in love" whilst having a visual fest is my kinda night out.

So for those who have not seen The Vaccines and are in there 40s and 50s go and see them, they will amaze you and put some positive energy back into your soul. Anyone younger go and see them, they make your realise the old has beans bands cashing in from the 70s and 80s charging £300 a ticket have little energy to give and a voice either. Step aside Grandads, here are the The Vaccines and they only cost me £25 now that was an evening out.

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